tre rullar


Idag knäppte jag de sista rutorna på två rullar med de här kamerorna. Båda är lite av testrullar, eftersom jag aldrig provat Ricohn och aldrig använt diafilm förut. Det ska bli spännande att se hur det blir. Jag påbörjade också en rulle Superia med min Nikon F801s.

Today I finished two rolls with these cameras. It's my first roll with the Ricoh and the first time I try slide film. I'm really excited about seeing the results. I also started a roll of Superia on my Nikon F801s.


  1. Ahh my grandpa just gave me his old Yashica C but I haven't been able to use it yet because it needs to be cleaned. I'm excited to see how your pictures turn out and see what I have to look forward to!

  2. Provia 100 is one of my favourite films in 120, and I recently tried Provia 400x and liked it very much too, even though I'm a 100ASA person to the core. 6 X 6 slides are such a feast!

  3. I found you via Decor8. I love your blog! Your photographs are lovely!

  4. allison: I look forward to seeing what you capture with your Yashica-c!

    Lynn: I'm really excited about the slide film. I'll have to try the 400x and see which one I like best.

    My Owl Barn: thank you!


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