sköna mars välkommen





Våren anlände samtidigt som mars här i Malmö. Sol, blå himmel och frisk (men kall) luft. Härliga tider! Och jag börjar gilla mitt "nya" objektiv mer och mer. Jag återkommer ikväll med bilder på dagens loppisfynd.

Spring arrived together with March here in Malmö. Sunshine, blue skies and crisp (but cold) air. I'm loving it! And I'm starting to like my "new" lens too. Tonight I'll show you today's thrift store finds.


  1. Oh my gosh that first photo is mesmerizing.

  2. this-is-spring-dot-com. beautiful!

  3. each of these photos are incredible.
    great style of photography - pleased to have found your blog!

  4. Fantastic photos! Just breathtakingly beautiful!


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