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Min nyfikenhet + en utskrift som ligger och skräpar = min första giveaway!
Lämna en kommentar och skriv lite om vem du är, var du bor och vad du gör så har du chans att vinna en utskrift i 20x30 av bilden ovan. Jag är så nyfiken på vilka som läser min blogg! En slumpvis vald kommentar får Chicagobilden på posten. Och är ni nyfikna på mig och har en fråga ni vill ställa, passa på nu! Tävlingen är öppen till söndag 28 mars kl 10.00. Den här tävlingen är nu avslutad.

My curiousity + a left-over print = my first giveaway!

To win this 8x11 print of the view from the Hancock in Chicago, leave a comment and tell me a little bit about who you are, where you're from and what you do. I'm dying to know who reads my blog! And if there's something you've been dying to ask me, here's your chance. A winner will be chosen randomly. If you want a chance to win, please leave a comment before 5 AM CDT/9 AM GMT, Sunday March 28. This giveaway is now closed for submissions


  1. Jag läser din blogg flera ggr i veckan och älskar dina bilder. Du har en så personlig och härlig stil som får en att stanna upp. Älskar det! Du är även en superfotograf med sinne för detaljer. Jag vill gärna ha ditt tryckta verk på min vägg!

  2. I also love your photos and the flea market finds. Your style is fantastic. I live in Helsinki.

  3. jag är ina och läser din blogg för att det känns som att du är så fin, som en vän. men jag undrar vad du gör på dagarna? jag tänker att du kanske jobbar i en äldre bokhandel eller så studerar du konst eller fotografi.


  4. Hello! I live in Oxford UK :)

  5. Hei!

    Jeg er en norsk student som bor i Oslo. :) Jeg oppdaget bloggen din for ikke så lenge siden, og har lagt deg til i readeren min! :)

  6. Hej! Jag heter Alexander och bor en bit utanför Linköping. Dig har jag följ sedan din 2008 tror jag, när du hade din bilddagbok! Jag inspireras av ditt sätt att dokumentera din vardag. Ha det bra.

  7. Oj, jag kom på att man kanske borde lämna sin email: alexanderburlin@gmail.com

  8. i live in barcelona and i study architecture. i discovered your blog recently and spent a whole day looking at all your beautiful photos.
    i love that print!!

  9. vanou currently living in the countryside near Quebec city and I work both as a negotiation consultant and a production coordinator for a large theater company.

    I love your pictures, keep it up, it's wonderful :)

  10. Hi! I'm Sophia, currently living in London, I'm happily unemployed and using the time to pursue writing, art and (very amateur!) photography. I found your blog through another blog I follow http://forme-foryou.com/ and spent the day going through your entries; I love your photos, they inspire my wanderlust!

  11. Hej! I'm an 17-year-old student from Copenhagen. Iove your blog. I take photos too, and I love graphic design.
    That print is gorgeous.
    Kram, Rosa!

  12. gruezi!
    you're blog is really great. I just found it from another blog I read that mentioned you =) your photographer is stunning.
    i love the chicago print! i grew up near there and will always have a love for it - maybe will live there someday, who knows!
    my husband and i just moved to switzerland in November for his job - so i'm a house wife until i can find work! trying to learn german, hanging out with my doggy :) trying not to go crazy....

  13. Hi there! I live and work in Manhattan, where I'm a user experience designer with a food blog. Love your blog - you have wonderful taste!

  14. Det är en så fin bild.

    Jag är Hanna (hannsvirrvarr.blogspot.com), bor i Åbo, Finland och studerar medborgaraktivitet och ungdomsarbete men skulle vilja hålla på med något kreativt. Fast jag vet inte exakt vad, skulle vilja göra lite av varje.

    Jag tycker det skulle vara intressant att höra hur din framtidsdröm ser ut :)

    (min mail: hanna0486@gmail.com)

  15. I live in Columbus, Ohio. I am a musician and a librarian. I just found your site recently and I am very inspired by your posts!

  16. Hello - I'm Letitia and I'm from Australia (a country town called Ararat).
    I am a general bludger (hope that translates).
    I can't believe you are only 22!!
    I'm a big fan of your photos and your thrifty treasures (and I love your blog - makes me feel happy).

  17. Jag heter Daniel, bodde förut i Göteborg - men har precis flyttat tillbaka till min uppväxtort på landet. Följer din blogg för något så simpelt och ytligt som "fina bilder". I brist på bättre ord och uttryck får det räcka.
    Det verkar som att vi delar en fascination för amerikanska candybars. Nutrageous är min favorit, hittills, av de jag testat.
    Ha det fint.

  18. Jag heter Patrik Petersson, är 20 år gammal och jag gillar att fotografera. Jag bor utanför Lund i en liten by och jag jobbar som tennistränare =D

  19. Hi! I live in Atlanta, GA, USA. I'm in school for art history and I work at a local gallery. I just can't get enough of your beautiful photos!

  20. Lisa, grafisk designstudent fra Oslo. Jeg fant veien hit fra Sandra Jutos blogg og har vært innom daglig siden det.

    Liker veldig godt bildene dine og elsker klokkesamlingen! :)

  21. Jag är Hille, 21 år och kommer från Nässjö (!). haha. Jag brukade titta in hos dig lite då o då förr, därför blev jag väldigt glad när jag hittade tillbaka till dig genom en annan blogg. Dina foton är ju så himla fina (plus att du fotar polaroid, som jag, vilket jag är väldigt svag för) Jag pluggar grafisk design i Jönköping, gillar läget, etc etc!

  22. Hi There!
    I am a 28 y.o. designer from Providence RI USA.
    I would love love love this photo to give to my brother who went to college in Chicago and is dying to get back there to live. He misses it!
    Thanks for the chance!

  23. Dear Forever is today,

    Hi there! My name is Emily, and I am from Canada. I am 20 years old studying history in university.

    I stumbled across your blog a few days ago and check it daily. Your photography inspires and delights me. You have such keen eye for all things aesthetically pleasing.

    I would love to win your print of Chicago. I have never been, but I am planning to soon. I would absolutely love it.

  24. hello!

    my name is joyce and i live in vermont, u.s.a. i'm a college history professor who daydreams about non-academic things all the time. your blog is lovely and inspiring, especially since i just started one of my own.

  25. annette heter jag, 21 år och pendlar oftast mellan bostäder i halland och skåne. just nu letar jag utbildningar och annars gillar jag analog fotografering i alla dess former väldigt mycket.

  26. hello!
    i am phoebe marie.
    i live in cleveland, ohio in the united states.
    i am a collage artist, a picture framer, and an aspiring photographer.
    i love your blog, though i cannot recall how i found it. your photos are inspiring and beautiful!
    xxo, pm

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  28. Hello! I am Jocy, an American lawyer living in Los Angeles, USA, but moving to Cambodia (soon) to pursue human rights work. I am unapologetically obsessed with flea market finds. This print, should it make its way to me, would be part of my new home in Phnom Penh.

  29. Hello my name is Tegan, I'm from Australia and about to relocate to Berlin to study photography. Your blog has made me itching to start thrifting around Europe!

  30. hello!
    i'm an unemployed student from canada (currently in montreal). i found your blog from a link to your flickr on sfgirlbybay.com and now it's one of my favourites.

  31. i'm Alex, a stay at home mom, who likes to make jewelry, thrift and collect vintage. i have just one little boy, but he has lots of energy! i'm from Tucson AZ, and I moved here from Chicago! I miss urban life sometimes - it's always fun to go back and visit :)

  32. Hey, I'm Natalia from Argentina and I'm 23 years old. I've found your blog thanks to Sandra Juto's one: I love the pictures, the Swedish lifestyle (I'm currently planning to start a Swedish course so as to learn the language!) and the adventures you take part on. I live in Buenos Aires and work as a journalist for an English-written newspaper: besides having earned a degree on Journalism I have studied English Literary Translation and Interpretation. I love browsing through design blogs: yours is one of my favourites for its identity, the messages it gives away, the pictures, the little tales you tell in every single entry.
    Many hugs from the southest country in the world, the bottom of South America ;)

  33. Hello!
    I'm a relatively recent reader of your blog, and I love all the fantastic images you post (especially of this print and its hundreds of windows--awesome!)
    I live in Brooklyn, New York and am a graduate student working on my doctoral dissertation in film and media studies (so I take plenty of breaks to read blogs).

  34. Hello, just found you via For Me, For You. Wanted you to know that i'm really enjoying your style. The pictures are beautiful and inspirational. I'm from Toronto and love to travel vicariously via the internet. Thanks for making that possible.

  35. hello! i'm from ottawa, in canada. i checked your blog out after kate (from forme-foryou.com) mentioned you as one of her favourites. i love, love, love the way you group things, and keep your images crisp and minimalist.

    i'm an aspiring photographer (i read your polaroid story and am totally jealous of your free 680!!) who is working at a bank until her ship comes in. ;)

    in the meantime, i will just hope that i am able to add a lovely image of the windy city to my walls...

    ps. you inspired my thrifting hunt today - i got two vintage commemorative plates!

  36. Hi,
    I am Alysson from San Diego. I am currently a stay at home Mom, but was a middle school science teacher. We emailed briefly last week when I asked to post some of your photos on my blog! :)

  37. I'm malcolm from Portland, Oregon. I'm an architect and love your photographs.

  38. Hi Hilda,
    hot and humid greetings from Bangkok. I was born in Helsinki and after graduating as a designer in Finland I moved back to Thailand to make my masters degree. I fell in love with this crazy city while I was doing my exchange in BKK few years ago. Seeing your great pictures both relieves and makes me homesick from time to time :) Haha.

  39. HELLO! I'm melly from singapore and I work as a web designer and make little bits of art on the side.

    Your photos of your part of the world is simply wonderful and I come here everyday for more.

  40. Hum... who am I? I'm Gali, I live in Finland but I've moved quite a lot in my short life (switching countries five times in 24 years... for a total thirteen moves between cities). I'm a researcher in mechanical engineering but I quite like photography, cooking, etc. because they're all fields that are great for experimenting.

  41. I'm from Vancouver, Canada and just discovered your blog. I love the photography - the images are gorgeous. It is making me more and more interested to take a trip to Sweden. I also write a blog - www.thefancy.ca - and am interested in travel, food, fashion. It's so nice to discover new bloggers from different countries!

  42. så klar jag vill vara med! jag heter emelie, 23 år gammal och ganska nyutexaminerad grafisk formgivare. jag bor i norrköping och älskar dina foton och dina underbara vintage-fynd!!

  43. Hello! I'm a librarian from Poitiers, France, who also makes music. I'm a recent reader of your blog - love the pictures on it and the perfect style.

  44. jag heter elin och bor i åbo. är radiojournalist och fotar på fritiden. din blogg är en av dom som jag inte vill lägga i google reader, för jag vill se alla bilder i "rätt" storlek! fortsätt som du gör!

  45. Hej, Jag heter Martina, bor i London och plugar grafisk design. Din blogg är en perfekt inspirationskälla.

  46. Hello, Hilda. :) My name is Claudine. I live in the Philippines, Southeast of Asia. I do communication/design work for a small retail company and I read your blog during breaks! :P

    I love your blog and how unpretentious you seem to me. I always look forward to reading your entries. :)

  47. Jag heter björn, bosatt i Falun och är maskinoperatör på Cederroths men har fotografin som stort hobby intresse.

    Är en ganska ny läsare av din blogg men fastnade för den direkt, din bilder är mycket fina och det är alltid spännande att se vad du hittar för roliga loppisfynd!

  48. Hi Hilda!
    I'm reading all the way from Melbourne, having stumbled onto your blog thanks to a tip off from Kate of foryou-forme. I'm really loving your photography -- the past year I have been exploring film photography too but I'm not nearly as good with the camera as you are. Just how many cameras do you have?
    Along with photography, I'm studying my honours in art history, and am trying to somehow combine those two things into a blog: http://aramblingmeels.blogspot.com/
    The print is really beautiful - but even moreso i like the way the brown colours in it are matched by the brown background you photographed it against
    Keep up the lovely photography :)

  49. Även jag har rätt nyligen hittat din blogg. Jag heter Linda, är 28 år och bosatt i Piteå. Jag är en fotonörd som gillar att skapa med nål, tråd, stickor, pensel (eller vad som finns till hands) och att fynda på loppis!

  50. Oh that is one of my favourite photos of yours:)

    My name is Iva, I live in Bulgaria where I study architecture. In fact we had a lecture about Chicago last week :)

  51. Åh, vilket snyggt tryck!

    Jag heter Moa och är en snart 29-årig lärare som gillar foto och inredning. Jag bloggar på www.moasblogg.blogspot.com :)

  52. I'm Sandra, I'm from Spain and I just passed some exams to work for the goverment, I'm the happiest ever (not that working for the goverment is that cool, but basically you cannot be fired [unless you do something crazy like something illegal or beating your boss or something like that]).
    I've got about 8 months of holiday untill I start working!

  53. My name is daniel and i live in washington DC
    i really love the stuff you doing.

  54. lt's get the chance then8
    I'm an architect and live in Lyon, France.

  55. Hi,
    I just came across your blog via Krisatomic (http://blog.krisatomic.com/).

    I'm Colin from Dublin, Ireland and
    I run a music blog called cubikmusik (http://cubikmusik.com) and absolutely love art/ design. I try and incorporate good images into my posts as often as I can to create a visual sense for the sounds I love.
    Been collecting art for about 6 years now (since living in the States) and wish to continue that.
    We are expecting a baby in May so I want my little girl to be as stimulated visually as she will be by the music we play every day as I believe it is so important for her development not just as a baby but as a human being.

    So, that's me. I love your blog and have just added it for my regular reading.


  56. wow, lets see if i'm lucky enough.

    so my name is joana, i live in lisbon, portugal. i am in love with a poet and we're hoping to move in together this year. i just graduated and i'm now a trainee at my school. i'm still trying to figure out what i want to do with my life. i have a dog with a pink nose called átila and i want to get a white cat and name it álvaro. maybe when i move in with the poet. i am no different than everybody else: i spit when i talk and i squint in the sun. i like flower prints.

  57. Hej!
    Jag heter Rebecca och har hängt med här sen Sandra Juto tipsade om din blogg, och fast är jag! Jag gillar tulpaner och katter allra mest.

  58. Hi there,

    I'm Nadja, a designer and screenprinter from Berlin :-)
    I really enjoy your pictures and I'm glad you blog in english too!!!

    and wow, you got many readers, 60 comments already :)
    sunny greetings from Berlin

  59. hej...i am maria...also from germany, living in Hamburg and i really really enjoy your blog and love all the treasures you find on flea markets..the print it beautiful :)

  60. great print/good feeling for detail and colour/nice unpretencios blog:)
    im set designer curenly living in prague,czech republic...

  61. I'm a new follower but I love all of the inspiration on your blog. I live in Seattle and I try to do everything.

  62. Hello, hello !
    I'm Vanessa, I live in France close to Paris..
    I'm a teacher.
    I follow your blog since "à petit bruit" spoke about you. I immediately fell in love of your pictures and some little days later, I learnt that you live in Malmö... A (french) friend of mine lives here as well...

    PS: Excuse me for my poor english...;)

  63. Sorry, I'm confused, it was not "à petit bruit" but "la mie kwet"....

  64. hi, i'm natalie.
    i bleed chicago (having been born and raised here), but with an insatiable case of wanderlust i often find myself missing the windy city. i found you through krisatomic's website. what a gorgeous site you have!

  65. Hiya,
    my name is Meg and i am in a small town called Lancaster, Pa. We are famous for amish buggys and shopping!

  66. i'm here via kate's blog--for me, for you--which i adore. so i'm a new reader! i live in washington dc, and your photos are taking me far, far away

  67. I just found your blog last week.

    I love the images you snap and share!

  68. I love this picture!
    My name is Allison and I live in Seattle and go to school and take pictures in my spare time. I love my city, but I love vicariously exploring other people's cities through their pictures.

  69. Hey there.

    I'm Pernille; a 22 year old design-student from Denmark (graphic design and illustration). I live in a small city called Kolding og drink too much coffee.
    I really like your blog and would love to win the beautiful print.


  70. My name is Sofie. I grew up in Germany but was born in Cambodia. I love to cook and drink hot tea and in the winter times hot chocolate.

  71. my name is kirsten - I live in St. Paul, MN - I'm a temp while my husband is in school, but I dream of teaching, and will start in the next few years - I just came across your blog, and it's gorgeous! husband and i are in a tiny apartment, but I dream of the day when we'll own our own house, so in the meantime I'm collecting pretty things - this print is VERY pretty. :) since I can't log in to blogger here at work, I'll leave my contact info on this comment.

    best to you!

    kirsten anneke


  72. Hej jag heter Andrea. Jag gillar fina saker men klarar inte av röda. Jag har precis sett en dålig rom-com med min pojkvän för vi är sjuka båda två. Under min soffa ligger ett pussel som jag gärna skulle vilja lägga klart. Det föreställer en lite stuga i vårig alpmiljö. Imorn ska jag framkalla min andra rulle färgfilm, det ser jag fram emot.

    À demain!

  73. hi! i'm an illustrator living in Edinburgh. i only recently found your blog... my friend and i like to look at scandinavian blogs and see what we're missing. fortunately we have a pretty amazing swedish cafe here and have fully adopted the fika philosophy. our wallets complain but we don't :)

    you do a good job at finding nice things!

    you can find out more about me here...http://uhohdeer.blogspot.com

  74. You have a lovely blog with wonderful pictures and amazing vintage finds. I recently found your blog thru Decor8, and I'm glad I clicked the link. The colors and vignettes are inspiring.

    Wiyomu from Wiyomu Jewelry

  75. I live in Montreal! I'm a crafty gal who loves sewing. knitting and spending time outdoors!

  76. Hei. Jeg bor langt nord i Norge og liker bloggen din.

  77. I've just arrived to your blog through KRISATOMIC but I love your pics! And this one especially, it reminds me of the view from the Empire State Building :)

    And since I want a chance to win this beautiful shot let me introduce myself! My name is Laia, I am from Barcelona Spain and I study fashion design, blog, experiment with old cameras, travel and do way too much shopping, that's who I am!

  78. Du tar så tjusiga bilder, Hilda! (jo, jag har sagt det förut men det tål att upprepas.)

    Jag heter Anette och kommer faktiskt från trakterna där du studerar. (Är det inte på Östra Grevie folkhögskola? Eller har jag drömt ihop det?) Nu däremot bor jag i Norrköping där jag läst grafisk design men har planer på att starta firma med retro möbler. Helt logiskt. (Inte.) När jag var liten drömde jag om att bli konståkningsprinsessa.


  79. My name is Farihah Kamali. (:
    I am 17 years old and I live in Toronto, Canada.
    My question is, where is your favourite place to buy vintage items? Flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores are all possibilities. What's your fave?

  80. Hello! My name is Karen. I just discovered your blog via For Me, For You--it is lovely! This is a great print. I live in Memphis, TN, and I sell vintage clothing on etsy. You can find me at http://helgesok.etsy.com/.

  81. i love your photos including this one! ps i've been wanting turkish yoghurt with raspberries and coconut shavings ever since i saw your photo. even though i don't really know what turkish yoghurt is. i live in colorado and work as an editor. in school i studied creative writing. thanks for the giveaway! hope you're having a very happy first week of spring!

  82. The colors on this print is to die for! *___* Thank you very very much for holding this giveaway--you're much too kind

    My name is Hazel and I am 16-years-old. I am interested in all things design (graphic, web and interior) and also enjoy looking at photography from time to time. My favorite color is yellow because it is the same color as the sun, which I love and cannot live without! (so you can imagine how I feel when it is winter...)

    What is your favorite color and why?

    Thanks again~

  83. Hej!
    Jag är Jenny och jag har precis haft lyckan att hitta till din blogg! Trots att jag redan har på TOK för många inspirationsbloggar så kvalar du direkt in! Fantastiska bilder!
    På dagarna är jag konststudent, på kvällarna lagar jag mat och bakar bröd och på natten räddar jag världen i trikåer.
    Nästan i alla fall.

  84. Hi, directly from Italy (I'm the farthest reader? ^_^) I find your blog from decor8blog and is so relaxing.

    I'm fashinated from design, communication and, because I've just bought my house, also in interior design, furniture, beautiful things, and so on :-) A good choice the giveaway :-)

    I write something on foxarts.org (but in italian).

  85. Heia!
    Johanne her, fra Trondheim i Norge. Jeg følger din blogg og din bildestrøm på flickr, herlige bilder!

    Skal til New York for første gang i mai. Gleder meg veldig! Ellers er jeg utrolig matglad og elsker å blogge om det som skulle oppta meg.

    Ha en god tirsdag!

  86. Hi, I'm also one of the lucky ones who recently found your blog via an other one.
    I'm from Austria but live in Berlin now where I work at an art gallery.

  87. Jag heter miriam och jag har aldrig varit med i en sån här tävling för att jag tänker att man ändå aldrig kommer vinna någonting. Jag tror inte att jag kommer vinna nu heller men jag tycker du är så himla duktig, tänkte bara skriva det. Kram.

  88. Greetings from Minneapolis, MN USA. I found your blog through another blog I follow. I love all things photography, architecture and design oriented. I work for the city of Minneapolis. I grew up in the Seattle area and moved here four years ago, just to try something new. I'm eating oatmeal with dried cranberries and cashews for breakfast. Its 8:06am here. I'm so happy its spring! hooray!

  89. Hello Hilda,

    I've been following your blog for two weeks perhaps? I don't remember where I found about it but it's already become a favourite of mine.

    I'm a textile designer in Santiago, Chile, working on a freelance basis and have my own textile brand.


  90. hej, i'm joanne, a student from seattle, currently living in portland. jag studerar litteratur och svenska på universitetet. jag älskar din blogg!

  91. whoza, its a beautiful photo! well im luna, english born and raisd but i live in the south of france working in a military boarding school, life is good and there is always sunshine. i like tea and pancakes, and id never say no to a gin and tonic. id like to climb a big mountain one day but i think im too lazy hehe and also a little scared of heights!! happy tuesday xx

  92. Hello! I am Olatz from Bilbao, Spain. I am an architect and found your blog via decor8.
    I love your color collections!

  93. Hej,
    Jag är Maria och Tioitolv.se är mitt ställe på Internet. Just nu pluggar jag på Linköpings Universitet där jag läser en 3-årig linje med inriktning på Slöjd, Hantverk och Formgivning. Så det jag pysslar med är att göra produkter kort och gott. Så just nu bor jag i Linköping med sambon Nicklas och kaninen Ludvig. Annars inväntar jag, som många andra, våren, stickar slipsar och funderar över att måla om i min hall!

    Har du några drömmar om vad du vill göra i framtiden eller liknande?

    Ha en härlig vecka!

  94. Jag är en formgivningsstuderande tjej från Åbo. Driver en egen webshop (www.systerretro.com) och har en passion för loppisshopping! Älskar din blogg då du har så fina bilder och ger massvis med inspiration :)

  95. Hej, jag hittade till din blogg för ett tag sedan och nu tittar jag in flera ggr i veckan.

    Jag heter Maria och bor i Örebro. Jobbar som tandtekniker på dagarna och resten av tiden fyndar jag på loppis och ska försöka lära mig att fota med min nya systemkamera :).

    Din blogg är väldigt inspirerande!

  96. Hej Hilda,

    erika här. Jag bor i göteborg där jag studerar till lärare i svenska och mediekunskap. Jag gillar sättet du fotograferar på och känslan som du har i dina bilder. Du får till färgerna så bra och dina bilder inspirerar mig till att själv fotografera mera. Jag läser din blogg efter att jag fick tips om dina fotoskills från vänner som annika och erik o. Jag känner mig otroligt taggad inför bröllopsfotograferingen i sommar!

    Än en gång. GRYMMA bilder!

  97. Oj, sån bredd på läsare du verkar ha! Va kul! :)

    Jag heter Felicia, bor i Örebro och pluggar slutspurten på natur på gymnasiet. Roligare än så är det inte just nu. Eller jo, det är lite kul för blandat med all relativitetsfysik och matte med imaginära tal (suck!) läser jag inriktningen samhällsbyggande, vilket är typ arkitektur och design. Drömmer om att bli arkitekt, eller något inom reklam eller design på nåt vis. Något kreativt i alla fall! Det var lite om mig. Passar på och tackar för en jätteinspirerande och underbar blogg! :)

  98. Hi, I'm Jane from Chicago. I'm a Lexicographer. Never usually see Chicago from that angle. I love the colors!

  99. greetings,

    i am a stay at home mom with 4 children ( ages 9-18) i live near seattle, washington ( usa)
    i really enjoy your photos.
    i am originally from the midwest so the photo from chicago reminds me of my childhood home.
    keep up the great photos!

  100. I love that shot!
    I live in Leeds in the UK.
    I work for the National Health Service and in my spare time I do a lot of photography! I've had some work printed in magazines. I also have a cat and a lovely boyfriend who's teaching me to play double bass.
    I have a photo blog - www.loloholmes.tumblr.com I'd love for you to have a look :)

  101. Hey there. My name is Hannah. I from Columbia, Missouri, but I go to school in Oklahoma. I am studying graphic design-- your photos are wonderful inspiration.

  102. Hej! Jag heter Pia och bor i Skellefteå, norra snöiga norrland...älskar dina bilder...

  103. det var ju mer jag skulle säga...jag är en drömmare som lever i den kalla hårda verkligheten men dina bilder gör den lättare och lite mer fluffig, så tack!!

  104. Jag älskar det där New York-foto! (eller okej, jag älskar i princip alla dina foton.) Din blogg är en av mina favorit fotobloggar, dina foton känns alltid så fantastiskt genomtänkta (även om motivet är en semla eller något annat vardagligt (men fint)).
    Jag heter Louise, bor i Norrköping och läser sista året på gymnasiet. Just nu tänker jag nästan bara tyska då jag inatt kom hem efter en vecka i Berlin, och det är nästan svårt att formulera mitt svenska språk. Sånt känns lite fint ändå.

  105. hittade precis his från krisatomic och har suttit hänförd åtminstone den senaste halvtimmen. vilken underbar blogg! jag heter amanda och bor i linköping och pluggar till lärare men ska kanske byta till turism eller varför inte logoped? vill bli allt på samma gång. bor med min pojkvän som pluggar grafisk design och vår lilla hund som bara är en vovve. och oh.. jag är 21 år gammal!

  106. I love this photo and all of the photos you blog! I'm from Chicago and found your blog through another. I love the graphic style of the photos you post and this one specifically speaks to me because it's my hometown! Great giveaway!


  107. I'm from Chicago, but I live in Pittsburgh, PA right now. This photo giveaway gave me goosebumps- not only because I have a fear of heights (yipes!) but because I recognized it immediately, and was instantly homesick.

    Thanks for sharing such lovely images from your life.


  108. Hi there!

    I just stumbled onto your blog and love it. You take amazing photographs!! I'm originally from Michigan, but I've made Chicago my home for the past ten years. I love it here and would absolutely love a print of the Chicago.


  109. Your photos are beautiful and your blog has recently been added to my list of favorites! I live in Austin, Texas, where I work for an educational publishing company. I'm crossing my fingers so hard for this print, it's fantastic.

  110. What a beautiful print! I'm a student at the U of Alberta in Canada, and I adore the simplicity of your photos. Keep up the beautiful blog! Cheers -Hannah (heschmid@ualberta.ca)

  111. wow! i just found your phenomenal blog! your pictures are stunning! i'm so moved! i loooove this print you're giving away! i hope i win :)

    i'm a musician from san luis obispo, california! born in raised in so. cal--just recently moved to the beautiful central coast! i work at a non profit fair trade store and am passionate about the work i do! i love photography, art, film, the juxtaposition between the city and the earth, handmade amazingn-ess (crafts), sustainable living and design!

    i'm new to your blog and look forward to following you and being in awe your work!

    i have a blog too!!! www.iartu.blogspot.com
    please do come by and say hi!

    thanks for this giveaway!
    jennifer young

  112. hi
    i'm suwan
    i'm turning 21 in april
    i'm a singaporean chinese
    i'm studying in london
    i love your photographs and eye for textures / patterns
    i shoot with a canon 400d, 30mm f1.4
    i want to know how you pick your subjects / the composition / perspectives (for the lack of better vocabulary :\)

    continue to inspire me and the rest of your readers. yay!

  113. Född & uppvuxen i norra Smålands metropol.
    Hittade dig via, hmm… Sandra Jutos Flickr-sida.
    Prenumererar på den här sidan med en RSS-läsare, så jag får uppdateringarna automatiskt.
    Den enda frågan jag kan komma på är angående ditt förnamn, hur fick du det?

  114. Hello!
    I live in los angeles and run a small stationery business.

  115. Hello there!

    I live in Los Angeles and work at a talent agency. I came across your site from a link from the blog For Me, For You. I love that city print. I just got a Holga camera not too long ago and it is my new hobby/obsession!

  116. Tja! Jeg en 26 år gammel jente fra Stavanger, Norge. Snubla over bloggen din her en dag, og det var love at first sight! Har såvidt begynt å blogge selv, men har lite teknisk innsikt, så grafikken og outlayen blir litt kjedelig. Kan bare bli bedre though, og du er en stor inspirasjon! Har beundra mange av bildene du har lagt ut, og dette var en av de absolutte favorittene, om jeg vinner skal det rett opp på veggen og være med meg resten av livet:)
    Keep up the fantastic work!

  117. My name is Romana and I'm currently working and living in Berlin/Germany.
    I used to live in Shanghai but decided to move back last year. Looking forward to see more lovely posts of yours.

    Romana: orchidee33@web.de

  118. hej!
    jag bor i göteborg, är nybliven barnmorska med två ungar, en kolonistuga, en man, tusen tyger, en lägenhet full av loppisgrejer och just nu längtar jag efter att få gräva i landen.

  119. Just found your blog and I am glad I did. Love this print.

    Im just a guy living in North Carolina, USA. I love food, and I constantly take pictures. My blog is a mix of both.

  120. Hello~
    I live in Kansas City, Missouri and found your blog through decor8blog.com I've shared your inspiring photos with my youngest daughter (who is interested in graphic design and photography) and my oldest daughter (who is studying art history in the netherlands). Keep it up! Susan

  121. Hi!
    My name's Lou and I'm from New Zealand but live in Melbourne, Australia. I do some graphic design and write a little blog with my friend back in NZ. My favourite things are travelling and planning travels, and meeting inspiring and creative people.

  122. Hej!
    Jag är Stine, två-barnsmamma, ny-svensk (flyttade hit från Danmark 1½ år sen. Bor I Malmö där jag har et litet showroom/butik på gamla väster till min webshop lutterlagkage.dk. Jag gillar retro och hållbarhet och designar barnkläder og inredningsdetaljer.

    Dina bilder är häftiga och inspirerande. Hittade hit från flickr (där jag är "lutterlagkage")

    Keep up the good work!

  123. Hello! My name is Ana and I live in Portugal! I love your pictures and I find fascinating trying to read swedish!!! It's so diferent from Portuguese :) I really like the way your see your world and how you share it with us! One of my new year's resolutions was to start carrying my camera so that I can start taking great photos like yours! I just thing it's very kind of you having this giveaway, thank you!

  124. oh hello. well, i am Nath, i live in Dorset, in a little town called Bridport. i like to make things and take pictures and hunt for junk. i also have a little girl, she's called Iris and she's very funny.

    i love your aesthetic and your photography skills are pretty amazing. it's always inspiring to drop by.

  125. My name is Julie. I'm from Winnipeg, Canada. (Once called the Chicago of the North!) I'm a designer and photographer, and aspiring stylist and calligrapher. I have an unhealthy adoration of typography and paper. Brownies are my weakness.

    I serendipitously happened upon your blog and have lived vicariously through your posts ever since. Happy weekend!

  126. I'm Nicole, I live in Nottingham, UK, I've JUST discovered your blog and I love it!

    I would like to say that I'm the creative sort, but I don't seem to have the imagination for it, so I just admire others creativity.

    I finish University this year and I'm going to go into humanitarian work- to make the world a better place :)

    But enough about me...

  127. my dad used to live in Chicago and would love this picture. As a builder he constantly talks about the buildings there and how he misses them. I just stumbled across your blog and think it's fabulous. i'm from san diego and have been working on trying to start up my own blog. thanks for the inspiration.


  128. Fant akkurat bloggen din, og jeg liker virkelig det jeg ser! Fantastisk bilde fra Chicago.

  129. Hi,

    I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I loved it. I really like your pictures... I live in small town near San Sebastian (Basque Country-Spain) I studied journalism and graphic design and I´m a fan of photography. I used to take only black and white pics with an all manual pentax camera. A few years ago I switched to digital and next month I hope to get a Holga camera for my birthday!!

    I know I´m a bit late replying for the Chicago photo (that by the way I love!) but i´ve been away in London for a few days. London was amazing. Camden town is crazy, too much of everything... my brain was overloaded with all the different clothes, shoes, records, jewellery, things... I´m adding London to my list of favourite cities: New York, Berlin, London, Dublin, Barcelona, Bilbao...


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