på café i lund




Idag har jag sett diverse konstutställningar, druckit smoothie på café, ätit ciabatta med lax och cream cheese på café, gått i secondhandaffärer, sprungit på Sanna och Ben, ätit glass på ett torg och gått omkring UTAN VANTAR utan att frysa. Allt detta i Lund. Det var en bra dag.

Today I went to a bunch of art exhibitions, had a smoothie at a café, ate ciabatta with salmon and cream cheese, went thrifting, ran into Sanna and Ben, had ice cream on a town square and walked around WITHOUT MITTENS without getting cold. All this in Lund, a University town 30 minutes from Malmö. A good day.


  1. great photos!
    the colors are incredible

  2. Hi I really like your blog and that´s why put a link (+ small: go see ad ) in to mine, hope you don´t mind.


  3. hearblack: thank you!

    Minna: I'm really glad you like my blog. Thanks for the mention on your blog!

  4. å Lund är galet mysigt på våren. Vänta några veckor till så kommer det vara kanon!

  5. Hej!

    I'm a student from California, and I love your blog! This entry makes me SUPER excited, 'cause I'm taking a language program at Lund this summer!! :)

  6. Hey Hilda,
    discovered your blog via decor8 and simply love it. You take great pictures and have a really nice style.
    Have a nice day!

  7. Your blog is so lovely! I have good friends that live in Malmo, their son goes to school in Lund as well. I was fortunate to visit them, it is such a wonderful part of the world. Cheers dear.

    xoxo, karen kristian

  8. love the darker tones in these photos. lovely!

    xo Alison

  9. those shots are great...nothing better than a good espresso in the afternoon.

  10. I'm mesmerized by your awesome photography. It's been great to find your blog.

  11. That sounds like the MOST amazing day ever. Without question. Ahhhh.


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