morfars olympia II






Stavning var inte min morfars starkaste sida. Därav den välanvända ordlistan som låg instucken under skrivmaskinen. Han gick bara i skola i sex år och började jobba heltid som glassförsäljare när han var tretton. Jag har gått i skola i femton år nu och jag känner mig inte det minsta färdigutbildad.

Spelling wasn't my grandfather's strong suit. Hence the well used dictionary that was tucked underneath the typewriter. He only went to school for six years and started working full time as an ice cream salesman when he was thirteen. I have gone to school for fifteen years now and I don't feel at all ready to start working.


  1. I love vintage typewriter soo much!

  2. oh so funny! i just made a little photoshooting with vintage typewriters yesterday, and now i found this of yours! great photos!! oh yes, i love these old travelling tyewriters so much, me too!
    and your father.. it was a bit similar with my father, he started working very early, although he better would have studied piano........

    and thank you so much for your comment :)


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