arrangerat del V: guld + natur




Part V: guld + natur / Part V: gold + beige

Jag hoppas att ni inte tröttnat på det här redan, jag har två delar kvar...
I hope you're not getting sick of this already, I have two more parts to go...


  1. Love today's posts and wanted to actually drop you a note letting you know we did a post on you today, featuring you, your blog, and your lovely talents. I have already had a huge response so I think you will find yourself with many new adoring fans. :) Have a fabulous beyond fabulous day. -Ashley

  2. tröttnar aldrig på färgkoordinerat! :)/färgnörden

  3. Absolut inte! Tycker det är superfint. Jag har för övrigt en exakt likadan ask :)

    Gillar din blogg jättemycket! Hittade hit nyligen via hello-tiger (tror jag att det var).

    Hälsningar Sofia

  4. jättefint. älskar sådana klockor. kan lägga upp en bild på mitt underbara fickur.

  5. LOVE these photos! So happy to have found your blog!

  6. tack så mycket!
    sheena: thanks! I love your blog, your pictures are great!

  7. Dear Hilda,

    I love this set the most and that one farming poster at the back is absolutely stunning!
    I found you from DesignSponge before but not until today I found your blog from Etsy. Such a happy day! Yay!

    -That Girl With Scissor and Coffee From Jakarta-

    PS: I link your blog to mine today:)


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