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Det här är vad jag åt i söndags. Frukost: Amerikanska pannkakor med lönnsirap. Lunch: Ciabatta med hummus och tomat. Fika: Kardemummaté och kanelbulle. Kvällsmat: Quesadillas med creme fraiche och tortillachips. Gott var det!

This is what ate on Sunday. Breakfast: American pancakes with syrup. Lunch: Ciabatta with hommos and tomato. Fika: Cardamom tea and a cinnamon roll. Dinner: Quesadillas with sour cream and tortilla chips. It was all delicious!


  1. hallo hilda!
    thank you for writing such a nice comment! to your question - i'm an old analogue dinosaur, i'm working only with film and polaroid, so far..

    i really like your work too! from the latest posts i love especially this one - there's a magical atmosphere in this series of pictures..
    i'll be back :)



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